How to Add Custom Robots.txt File in Blogger [Best Method]


Adding Custom Robots.txt File in Your blog is very beneficial for You. Actually Many don’t know about this and they leave this setting as it is. But this small settings can boost your Blogger’s Blog SEO.

Ask me How? Because Custom Robots.txt file is very powerful setting to take Advantage of SEO in Your Blogger Blog. After Adding Custom Domain in Blogger Blog and Downloading Free Professional Themes For Blogger Blog, You have to do SEO Settings for Your Blog Hosted on Blogger.

So Let’s know about What is Robots.txt file? Advantage of Adding Robots.txt file, How to Generate Robots.txt File For Blogger and How to Add Robots.txt file in Blogger.


What is Robots.txt File?

Robots.txt File is text file in which certain lines are written. Each Lines are Instruction For Google Bot. Generally Google Bots Crawl All Pages of Blog or Website. And They Crawl some pages for Indexing which are not useful or not necessary. So With the Help of Robots.txt file, we tell to the google bots that We Don’t want to index some pages. And Yeah We also tell that we want to index some Important Pages. In Robots.txt file we provide sitemap too. Read More About Sitemap: What is sitemap? Why it is Necessary For Your Blog?

Advantages of Robots.txt File [SEO Benefits by Adding Robots.txt file]

Google Bot is allowed to index your blog but it has some limitations for Indexing. Google Bot is limited For Every website. So Why we give a shit to index?

Many Pages are not for indexing. Using robots.txt method we can tell to google bot that which pages are indexed which are not. That’s why we can utilize google bot’s crawl limit for our site’s useful Pages. And This is the best strategy which we can do with the help of Robot.txt file.

How To Generate Robots.txt File For Blogger?

Before Generating Robots.txt file for Blogger, We will have to understand some terms about robots.txt file.


It tell google bot to index your Blog and Some information about your Blog.

Example- User-agent: *

It mean that Your whole site is going to be indexed.


It is used when you want that some pages or post or category should not be indexed.

Example- Disallow: /search

It means that when users will search any thing in your site, /search type urls will not be indexed by Google Bot.


It means that which type of post or url should be indexed. After Disallow, This is used.

Example- Allow: /

It means that any url which includes slash will be indexed. ( But /search is not, Because we already Disallowed it.)


Sitemap tells Google bot that how many pages or posts should be indexed. We can Add Sitemaps according to our need.


It means that Google bot will crawl maximum 500 posts or pages.

How to Add Custom Robots.txt file to Blogger
Add Custom Robots.txt File to Blogger

How to Add Robots.txt File in Blogger?

So These are the steps to add robots.txt file to your Blogger.

Step 1- Go to the Settings Option.

Step 2- Click on Search Preferences.

Step 3- Click on Yes Button Which Should Enable Custom Robots.txt.

Step 4- Paste this code into that blank place and Click on save changes.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


In the Sitemap Section, You will have to put your blog address. It can be custom domain or Blogspot domain.

Your Turn-

So That’s it. I’m sure you you have learned to Add Custom Robots.txt file in Your Blogger Blog / Blogspot Blog. If You feel this is a helpful article, Kindly Share it with your Friends. Show me Some Love. Thanks a lot.

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