Increase Domain Authority in 3 Months & Be Professional

Increase Domain Authority, Improve Domain Authority
Best Ways to Increase Domain Authority

Do You want to win Google’s Trust? If your Domain Authority will be better than Your competitors, I’m damn sure Google will give priority to your website. That’s why You should Increase Domain Authority.

Improving Domain authority is not easier when you do this in the wrong way. But If you do it in the right way, You see the ranking of your Blog is increased fastly.


Best Proven Methods to Increase Domain Authority

I’m Going to Tell you that Best Proven Ways to improve your Blog’s Authority. But These Amazing Methods will work when you are really passionate about Your Blog.

Focus on Quality of Your Content Rather than Quantity

I’ve Created My Blog. Now I Make Content Factory in My Blog. And I will get Lots of traffic. I’ll Write Content Everyday. I going to be Rich.

Did You Ever think like this? If YES, STOP Now. Your Dream won’t be True with this strategy.

You are not a Media Company which depend Only on Ads. Media Companies have lots of content Writers who only produce contents. Media Companies are Known to provide information.

But You are the One Man Army. You have to use your Power in Right Direction and Focus on QUALITY OF CONTENT.

Don’t need to write Every Day. You should Create a Plan For Every Month and work Accordingly. You should write 1 or 2 Content in a Week. But Those Contents Should be Amazing.

People Don’t Like Quantity, They Like Quality of Content. And Quality of Content Plays Crucial Role for Increasing Domain Authority.

So Forget to write daily and Do Proper Keyword Research as well as Content Research then Write Like A Professional Blogger.

Do Proper Internal Linking and Choose Outbound Links Smartly

Tell me one thing If You are a visitor and You are reading an article, Suddenly You got a link which is very much related to Your article, What Will You do?

You’ll Definitely Click on that link to Read Particular related article.

So Why don’t you use these technique in Your Own Blog?

You Have to Only Use related links not just any type of Links.

For Example – If You are Reading About Shared Hosting, You can click on link which tells ‘which shared hosting is best?’ Or You can Click on Why You Should Purchase Cloud Hosting?’

Now You Understood what I want to tell you. You Should Apply These Tactics in Your Personal Blog.

Like Internal Links ( Your own Blog’s Links) You should Add External Link (Outbound Link) Wisely. You should put the Links of High Authority Blogs. Eg- Wikipedia, WikiHow, Shoutmeloud, wpbeginner, searchengineland etc.

These are Major things for Decreasing Bounce Rate of Your website and Increasing Authority of Domain.

Use Premium Themes & Plugins [ Not Recommended For Newbies ]

If I give you 2 Rooms in which one is Dirty and Another is very neat and Clean, Which room will you like to stay? Of Course the Neat and Clean Room.

Themes are like rooms. You Should choose it carefully. No Need to Install Messy themes. You have to Install the simple ones and which provides the GREAT USER EXPERIENCE.

I Prefer Generate Press Theme. This Theme is Awesome and It is available at Free of Cost. But If You want to Customize Your Blog Properly, You have to Purchase its Premium Plugin.

Besides Theme, You should Purchase Some useful Plugins Like For Cache and Image Optimization, For Building Mail List, For Taking Backup etc.

But If You are newbie in the Blogging Field, No need to buy any premium plugin until you feel that Blogging is For You.

Lightweighted Themes Give Better User Experience and Boost Blog’s Speed too. And It Opens the Door for Google to Trust Your Blog.

When Google Starts to trust in Your Blog, Domain Authority Increases.

Do Proper Off Page SEO to Increase Domain Authority [ Simple Trick ]

Assume that You are a New Brand and You tell Your Friends, Family and Other People about Your Products. And They tell other people about your Brand & Products. Now Some People Know about Your Brand and this Number Increases every day. But If You would Never tell any one about your Brand & Products or People Never Share Your Brand, Then What would happen?

No One would Know about Your BRAND.

Same Thing Apply with Your Blog. You have to tell other websites about your Blog and When They Share Your Blog, Your Domain Authority Improves.

Now You are thinking that How to do Off Page SEO?

I am telling You Some Platforms and Tricks to Building Back links For Off Page SEO.

Social Networking Websites

Google Love Social Signals. So You have to Create Account in Popular Social Networking Websites for getting Social Signal. Eg- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest Etc.

Forum Links

You Should Reply in Forums and provide your article links when necessary. But Don’t Spam anywhere. Your links should seem natural. Eg- Quora and Reddit are the Best forums.

You can Go For Other Forums too. But If You Really want to increase Your Domain Authority, You should choose High Authority Forums too.

Profile Links

Many Platforms Provide the facility of Putting Your Website’s URL in the Profile. You Must Share Your Website in these platforms. Eg- Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon Etc.

Web 2.0 Platforms

You can Use Web 2.0 Platforms For Building Links. Eg-,,,,,, Etc.

Build Back links After 1 Month when Content is Published. No Need to Create Immediately Backlinks after Publishing Content. You have to wait 20-30 Days.

I Prefer Quora For Forum, Medium as Web 2.0 and Facebook, Twitter as Social Signal, Amazon, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter For Profile Links. But You can Choose Other Platforms too.

Bonus – There is no substitute of GUEST POSTING. If Your Friends are Bloggers, You should ask them for guest posting. Or You Should Send Email to those Bloggers who are authority in Your Niche and Ask them For Guest Posting.

These are the Methods For Off Page SEO. By this Method you can Build your trust with Google and Increase Domain Authority.

Final Words- Do These Things For 3 Months and See The Magic

If You do these things for 3 Months. You will be proud of Yourself. Your Domain authority will be Increased. Now You will learn Blogging too.

But Don’t Stop After 3 Months. It’s Beginning My Friend. You have to achieve your goals and Become Amazing Personality with Your Blog.

If You are Facing Problem, Send me Email, I’ll give You 90 Days Plan For Improving Domain Authority And Make You a member of My Crazy Blogging Family.

Just Do It !

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